SOLAR Power electronics Start Up financing calculations

The PWM company is looking for financing to establish a serial production of car/trucks and solar inverters, welding machines & organize electronics repairing service.

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Solar battery inverter PWM-S1 manufacturing

The PWM company produce high power battery inverters based on modern high frequency energy conversion with Pure Sine wave output AC energy 220V or 110V.

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Welding machine PWM-W1 manufacturing

The power inverter board model PWM-W1 cab be used for many devices with powering from One phase AC outlet, generating high power and current output DC

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MPPT Solar Charge Controllers

The PWM Company do not agree with the common used definition of MPPT controller. Definition of MPPT controller for solar & wind electricity from the PWM Company The PWM Company say: The Maximum Power Point is the maximum available & allowed voltage for accumulators batteries and for inverter as well. The maximum voltage will give…

Solar electricity Battery bank

If you’re building your own solar power system, getting the best solar battery is a must. Solar batteries can be the best source of power storage and backup and can run everything in your house. With them, you maximize your ability to use the electricity generated by your solar panels on a day-to-day basis. During…

Solar electrical systems components & parts

Solar power systems vary from large scale utility plants spread over several acres to individual rooftop solar systems designed for captive consumption.  With this post we want to educate our readers about the main components of solar PV system. Solar panels: Solar panels or solar modules are installed together in what is known as a…

Solar electrical system types

Renewable Energy Systems come in many shapes and sizes. Some are powered by solar panels; others by wind or water, or a combination of these. Some are grid-connected; others are independent of utility power lines. Which is right for you? Decide What Kind of System You Need What is your primary reason for adding solar:…

Electricity prices rising in the World. What to Do?

Electricity and gas prices have been steadily increasing in recent years and all indications are that prices will continue to rise in the foreseeable future. While many people believe this is because of energy retailers trying to increase profits, these increases actually happen across the board, due in a large part to changes in wholesale…