Solar battery inverter PWM-S1 serial production financing start UP

Welcome to PWM company Start Up product overview for investors & financing!

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This video is about PWM company battery universal pure sine inverter main board for Solar Off grid energy, Back UP power and for Car & Trucks AC powers source.


Manufacturing of Power electronics for solar energy & electronics service is the main activities of the PWM company.

The PWM company produce high power battery inverters based on modern high frequency energy conversion with Pure Sine wave output AC energy 220V or 110V.

This inverter generate AC energy from DC energy of batteries or from solar photovoltaic panels.

The inverter converts a DC voltage of 12-400 volts into an alternating voltage of 220 or 110 volts with a sinusoidal waveform.

Solar inverters is the second product of the PWM company.


  1. The device is produced as stationary solar station for apartments, houses, shops and industrial premises.
  2. The board is designed as well for cars, minibuses, auto-campers, boats and motorcycles.
  3. Another possible using of the the battery inverter is the BACK UP power for data-centers and consumers houses.

The PCB Main-Board overview

Here you can see now pure sine battery inverter’s PCB main board ready for the serial production. The board is designed for modern computerizing manufacturing using Gerber format.

Alternative energy development in the PWM company mainstream. Electricity cost for consumer increase each year. The own source of free electrycity from solar is very important for all people in the world. Inverters model PWM-S1 bring this option to the world market.

All PWM inverters are designed and manufactured in Europe and have many protection systems for the inverter itself and the battery:

  1. Emergency protection against overheating
  2. Automatic cooling system
  3. Over-voltage protection.
  4. Under-voltage protection.
  5. Over-load protection.
  6. Short circuit protection.
  7. Reverse polarity protection for the control circuit of the inverter.
  8. Standby mode
  9. Analog protection block
  10. Digital protection block

It means double protection, which significantly increasing inverter safety & long life durability of the device.

You can see that the main board have three big connectors:

  1. For LED panel errors indicator
  2. For Potentiometers regulation board
  3. For connection to microprocessor board with TFT or LED display.

Connection to micro-controller allow digitally control the welding machine and this significantly increase the quality of welding.

The Firmware for the inverter can be downloaded from official PWM website and updated by device user via micro-USB port of inverter.

USB port also provide connection ability to any computer for information display & for testing the input-output energy flow.

Creating PWM-S1 inverters, the most advanced technologies for converting electrical energy are used, which gives a high level of efficiency and high reliability of our inverters.


Solar inverters are produced for global world market. Sales worldwide for consumers & industrial markets. Own service center for repairing and warranty.


  1. Great performance
  2. Great reliability
  3. Not bad quality like China-made inverters
  4. Not expensive like USA-Germany-UK-made inverters
  5. Digital control & protections
  6. Analog hardware control & protections
  7. Big TFT display with touch screen 2.8 inches (like in mobiles phones)
  8. Upgradable Firmware for inverter micro-controller
  9. One standard Main-Board for many appliances – universality & fast repairing
  10. Low cost & the same time modern electronics components – profitability & fast repairing
  11. Warranty in PWM service center(s). Chinese inverters without real warranty


Manufacturing of modern Power electronics is very profitable business. Calculations of profitability per 1 unit made in the PWM company investment presentation shows profitability from 200% to 2000%. Profitability depends of a lot of factors. You can check for more details in PFD document. The link is below.


PWM company is ready for serial production and looking for financing – loan or investments.

Company needs minimum 25000 euros for welding, solar inverters manufacturing & electronics service center start up.

Here you can download the presentation of SHORT START UP OVERVIEW for investors & financing in ODP format (PowerPioint or LibreOffice Impress presentation)

Here you can download the Short overview of Start UP in DOC format (MS Office, LibreOffice Writer)

More information for investors & creditors you can download the presentation in PDF format (Adobe PDF reader, we recomend Open-Source Evince PDF viewer)

Please contact Chairman of the Board of the PWM company Vitalijs Kolesnikovs for any offers of financing the company for power electronics manufacturing & service. Let’s do business and profit together!